Giveway extended?


I've been checking Giveway status every single day day I had 9h left yesterday and now it's 3 day's what up.?


Yeah, That's pretty weird.....


Same... they have extended it once again, pretty weird.


Anyone got any about this??
I'm not quite sure but in last Giveway they didn't extended it


I saw it too. I have waiting for 3 days . Now 3 days more??


Yeah I was disappointed when I saw they added another three days to it. I had hopes I might actually win a key and be using it this weekend. :unamused:


Me too bro I really want to try it out.


Nice -_- They just want to drag till the month is over. Well, I don't mind waiting, but stick to your end goal, don't change it last minute, it's irritating. Anyway, low chance to get beta key, so I might as well stick to March when it releases with the new stuff. Nothing else to do..


Yeah.. not cool. What could be the point of extending it once again? There must be a solid reason because participants are obviously pissed off.


I think they extend to 1 February, to give the new keys for the new platform (for the early launch)?


That's not cool at all


Yeah that is what mine did. I hope they haven't extended the giveaway.. I'm to good dam excited!! :grinning:


Same here! Just woke up.. I was so nervous because i wanted a beta key and now for the SECOND time they extend the contest.. Thats not okay I'm pretty doen with liquidsky this is no way to treat your future customers.. I Will go with the alternative..


Maybe, just maybe, they extended the contest until Monday so they can help all the people who are forcibly going to have problems over the next 3 days and otherwise would be unable to contact the staff over the weekend? I dunno. It makes sense to me.

Maybe they extended so they can finish up adding some servers on some data centers to make sure the new users won't flood the current ones.

There are plenty of reasons to extend such a giveaway. Don't be so quick to judge but rather ask&wait for an explanation from the staff.


Maybe they should explain before extending the period


The problem is that they just extended it whitout any explanation.
That cause problems.
People see that there is just 15 hours left and time you check its 3 days left whitouth any explanation about it.
I think its totally unrespectfull toward the followers.


I fully agree they could've given a warning beforehand. LS still needs to improve their communication but with a small team, unannounced last minute changes can and will happen considering how swamped in work they must be. It's just something that needs to improve over time.


Yeaah that´s right, but the thing that hit me is that the matter was posting here a little official post telling people that they have had 3 more days.(and maybe add some explanation because its also weird to extend a giveaway without promoting it). I think make that post will have take like 5 mins tops.
In my view that is something that create lack of trust in the consumer or the consumer to come.


Is there any way to talk about this to staff or authorities like Ian???


Not on weekends as they need to recover from their pretty charged weekdays.