Good Bye Liquid Sky - Pricing Plan Killed it


It’s possible that I’ve misunderstood the new pricing - so if so, please correct me.

Here’s how I understand it: I bought some credits at a higher rate on a “pay as you go” plan and was told they will not expire. I’m now getting a message saying that they WILL expire if I don’t buy something new soon.

Furthermore, all the new prices are double (though the new purchases also give double). This effectively cuts the existing value of what we have in HALF.

The cherry on top is:

Moving forward, all users must spend at least 1 SkyCredit every 90 days or their balance will be removed and their account deactivated.

This means that if I happen to NOT log in for 90 days, I will lose all my credits. I already made a comment about how not logging in affects applications, and even suggested that I would give a set rate every month to be able to not have to worry about it (Applications Missing?)

Sorry, but all of these changes seem very predatory - if not downright illegal. Selling something that doesn’t expire and then devaluing it, and making it expire, seems basically like theft.

I was happy with the idea of having a game machine ready-to-go in a data center somewhere in case there was an issue with my computer, but it appears LiquidSky is not the place for this. I will be keeping my eye on some of the alternatives, or just invest my money in something that won’t disappear after 90 days: hardware of my own.

You had a good idea, but you got overzealous and killed it.


Depending on where you live, this is illegal. In the EU this is against consumer protection law.

They cannot increase prices after purchase.
They cannot end the service on a short notice.
They cannot end the service without compensation.

A ToS is not legally binding but rather describes conditions on a service. The ToS must comply with the law, and not the other way around. There has been plenty of precedent of ToS being deemed illegal for not respecting consumer rights.


Guys, we’ll be discussing all this feedback internally throughout the day. I hope to have some more info after.


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