Good bye liquid sky


i wish you all the best and one day you may just run the world haha but as of right now your service is plagued with bugs poor performance and yes i know bout the upgrade thats coming it wont help save this service it was good back in 1.0 but now you took unlimited away jacked up the prices sky high for the time you get for what you pay is soo not worth it you may not think so but if you dont change your ways you will not last there is bigger and much better out there id like to come back one day and see you on top again all the best good bye


I feel the same.I play only after 11 pm becouse at peak times im geting 20-30 fps.That is almost unplayable.I dont have timo to play during day becouse im at work.I hope that it will be better on peak times wit new gpu.Or maybe they need more servers or something else dont know what is problem.After 11 pm im getting great experiance.Witcher 3 and battlefield 1 60 fps almost all the time.I love this service its great to play full pc games on mobile but they need do something about peak times and other things.


tbh, peak times has to be the worst idea and implementation in LiquidSky. It’s unplayable no matter what.


Peak time isn’t a LiquidSky feature, it’s just the time when most people are trying to use the service. So this “peak time from 5pm-9pm” is just a rough estimate on when the servers will most likely be full. :wink:


Yeah, peak time isn’t a feature or anything. That’s just when the servers are busiest. Nothing changes on our end.


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