Good Converter for LS MKVs?



  1. Wondered if anyone found a good solution to the LiquidSky recording features MKV files, Looking for a good converter without any quality loss or audio desyncing.

  2. Any ETA on when the file format for the inbuilt record feature will be changed to a more universal format like MP4. As MKVs dont work in Premiere Pro.


Why don't you try OBS


A Good converter in general and its free its Handbrake,


For what purpose do you need the files converted?


To edit and Use in Premiere pro, for E.g Recording videos for YT.


have you tried open broadcast software aka OBS?


I saw someone say that it uses a lot of the power from the skypc and makes it a bit more tricky and makes it so you have to downgrade settings from looking beautiful


well yes... that what happens when your running more than one program on a pc, which the skycomputer is but I haven't had any trouble broadcasting using it... I would have to admit since the current LS config is under powered for the most current games you might suffer on those, but most games should not be affected as OBS is light weight and is what alot of youtubers use


Have you tried this

It only converts the container so very quick.