Goodbye liquidsky community


Goodbye to all :slight_smile: I did not see any point in keep my presence here in the forum, I have almost nothing to talk about. In 6 month ii never get a chance to try LS so i dont know what to talkabot that is not focus on waiting for something that i have never tried.So hopefully or maybe in march i will be able to do so and have actually something to talk about on this forum.



You could buy Monthly Plan and get full access. I'm new Here, but I'll be waiting for new update in March and then I'll buy SkyCredits for test.
You can wait to March.


of course in march i will try first and then if its worth it i will purchase. Yes i could have done it before but it didn't sound good to spend money on something like that while you are unemployed. Luckly monday i will start my new work and in march i will be able to afford that.
Thanks for the suggestion anywway :slight_smile: