Goodbye Liquidsky - LOVE U


After 4 years using the system it’s time to say goodbye, it’s been 4 years with LiquidSky, I live in Brazil so it’s not possible I stay in LiquidSky, I loved to play in LS and loved everything I did with the community(this is not my primary account) I already had around 4 accounts in LiquidSky, I tested LS 1.0, and I was quite happy with LS 2.0, but with the removal of the Brazilian server I need to say goodbye. It’s not forever, I’ll be back someday. I LOVE U GUYS <3


It’s sad the Sao Paulo data center couldn’t be maintained. Maybe some day LS will be back in South America. Lots of people there who’d love to use the service, I guess. See ya! :wave:


i hope, i love the ls, see ya!


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