Goodbye LiquidSky :(


I remember first finding liquidsky back in the summer of 2016, they offered a free trial if you can verify your account with a phone number. I remember using 10 numbers just so I can use the trial for more and more. I bought my first subscription in September 2016, used the 60 or 80(i don’t remember) SkyCredits very fast and decided that unlimited plan was probably the best to choose for me. Everything ran so smooth, everything. Then they decided to move onto beta, which destroyed me as a customer, delayed launch, horrible experiences, removed unlimited plan etc. I could play even with all this lag, but decided to leave liquidsky for a while as it can barely run any games without lag(this is why i don’t like shared specs). I kept searching for more services but couldn’t find any good ones until recently. It offers dedicated GTX 1080, dedicated CPU, everything is dedicated. Games run so much better there, liquidsky, I will always remember you but never use you. Your business model works just because people can’t find better services, not because it’s good. Don’t come and say that games run better, last time I checked was a month ago, it ran horrible. Goodbye :smiley: You used to be great LiquidSky.


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