Got double charged by accident


Just payed for PAYG 1500credits) however my first attempt at paying by PayPal said it failed so tried again and it worked second time. Then checked my PayPal and noticed I got charged twice (3000credits). I don’t mind paying it but obviously would have gone for the 3150(£20 plan). Can I get the additional 150 credits rather than refund on second PAYG payment? Thanks


Send in a ticket here:

And either Aries or Sunshine or another staff member will take care of it.



I’ve been unable to submit a ticket as under the ‘entrr your device’ field I can’t select any option (had this issue before)


@LiquidAries can you help OP out? Thanks


Why not remove Xsolla and use Stripe or something else?


Stripe isn’t worldwide, while Xsolla is. Which due to the international audience from gamers playing from around the world Xsolla is the better choice…
Stripe has caused me issues for me personally in the past, and I have not have any major issues with Xsolla (not only with LS but with Twitch Subs).

Xsolla customer service is quick to answer not sure about Stripe…


Done refunding your 2nd transaction so please wait 2-5 business days for the refund to reflect on your account.

Btw, do you want to change your Community username by any chance? :smiley:


Thanks Dontran and Aries, most appreciated, yeah think I should, username is usually Wikipotato on my other accounts!


Done changing Wikipotato.


Why not pick a different international payment method? 2Checkout or something else, maybe Google Play in-app purchases on Android clients.




Thanks Aries, appreciate it


Can’t use that because there are methods to exploit the payment system (which I won’t mention) which will result in a lot of charge-backs for LS. Sorry.