Got the gamer plan / price was wrong and can't access anything


So I just bought the Gamer plan by pressing the 'Get Beta Access' button on the page that appears after logging in. I entered my credit card details and everything seemed to go smoothly, however, instead of the advertised 9.99$ / mo I was charged 14.99$. Okay, whatever, I'll talk to support later.

I was redirected back to the page and went through a tutorial with the download links for all the clients at the end. I pressed a button that said something like 'go back to my account', however, I was thrown back into the plan selection page. I can not progress any further, and going into 'My Account' always redirects me to the plan selection page. I tried contacting support, but the chat bubble that is mentioned in the FAQs does not show up for me at all and this seems to be the only other way. So yeah... help?


extactly the same problem..

so far the 1st impression of this service aint great


When i bought the Gamer Plan it said in the payment 14,99$ but when I went to bank i saw that only 10.05$ were charged and everything is ok


Hey Liquidsky team , i've ordered a "Gamer" plan 3 hours ago for testing your services ... but when i launch the software , after login, i'm redirected to the website ...where i'm still in beta mode ... i correctly proceeded for order (i've the confirmation email from Xsolla ) ... why is it so long ?




( i just ask Xsolla and all it's ok with my payement. )


There seems to be a bug here since a lot of people (incl. me) experience this...