Green screen on deskstop and nothing else



on my pc after login when the pc start i ve green screen on desktop.

i just see the flame on top left

could you help me please

it work on my android phone perfectly


Probably a bug with Intel HD iGPU users. Staff are working on a fix, but it will take time as it involves several aspects of the stream. Have you tried toggling hardware acceleration? It might help, but hard to say since we don’t know what the specifications of your computer are.


M’y computer IS top old .i must buy a New Little computer more powerful.


Depends upon the computer- though if its hardware is older than about 2013 (when it was released) it’s technically under the official minimum requirements set by staff- who recommend Intel HD 4XXX series iGPUs, though I’ve seen HD 2000s able to run it before (though the green screen has hit configurations like these more recently due to the new client renderer that staff pushed out a whiles back- and even HD 4000s have had issues).