Green Screen when in Client (v.0.3.9)


Hello everybody!

After newest update I am unable to use Liquid Sky. Sadly the screen is green (I have tried to turn on and off the hardware acceleration, 720p/1080p, lowering and increasing quality - doesn’t help). Everything was fine before the update.

Is it possible to turn back to v.0.3.8? Downgrade and then disable automatic updates?

My specs: Windows 7 x86 / Intel Core Duo 2.16 GHz / 2GB RAM / Integrated Intel Graphics (Series 4).

I know it’s a potato-computer, but it’s first update causing such a major bug…

Thanks in advance!

Problem for green screen liquidsky
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I have just the same Problem…

Reinstalling the client (including deleting the Appdata folder) and deleting the skyPC didnt solve the Problem.


Are you also on Win7? Got another user on the Discord with the exact same issue, and he’s also on Win7. We should try to narrow this down a bit if we can.
Edit: do you also have an Intel HD chip? And if so, which one?


Thanks for quick response.
My graphics card: Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family.

Info from Intel Update Utility:


Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family

  • Adapter Compatibility Intel Corporation
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Bits Per Pixel: 32
  • Number of Colors: 4294967296
  • Refresh Rate - Current: 59 Hz
  • Refresh Rate - Maximum: 59 Hz
  • Refresh Rate - Minimum: 59 Hz
  • Driver Provider: Intel Corporation
  • Driver Version:
  • Driver Date: 9/2/2009
  • Availability: Running at full power
  • Status: This device is working properly.
  • Location: PCI bus 0, device 2, function 1
  • Device Id:


@4b6cb6d2dac763aa6211 Are you running Windows 7 too?

In case you guys weren’t aware, we don’t support Windows 7. Any number of issues can come from this.


A general piece of advice: upgrade to Win10 regardless of LiquidSky. It’s a very good OS (like a modern-ui version of Win7) , it’s future-proof (updates…), and safer than Win7 - the built-in Windows Defender antivirus is actually so good by now (but only in Win10), you can completely omit any 3rd party antivirus tools.


My OS is Windows 10 Home 64-Bit-Version (Build 17134) and my Graphic chip is an Intel HD Graphics 4000 Series.


I consider the update, but I am not really sure if it will run on integrated 10 y.o. Intel Graphics Card. I have installed W10 on my second computer with (non-integrated) Mobility Radeon x1600 and there were so many problems with graphics and drivers, that I have downgraded to W7. System was simple unusable for daily use.

Like I mentioned in post above, I’ve been using Liquid Sky in past 6-7 months on W7 without any problems :slight_smile:


i have problem for green screen liquidskyPNG


Going to need more information about your situation- lot of factors that can play into this. Was the client working before the recent update? What are the specifications of your system (CPU, RAM, OS, etc.)?


I did some house cleaning, and moved your post to this existing topic.


Quick info for you guys: seems like LS devs are working on some hotfixes. Keep your fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


The client worked before the recent update (Despite of some heavy pixelation and low fps on certain occasions).

My System:
Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Build 17134
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Intel Core I3-3217U CPU @1.80GHz (4CPUs)
8192MB Ram
DirectX 12


Thanks. I’ve tested on a Bay Trail gpu (stripped-down HD 2500) and it was working as long as I didn’t touch the hw acceleration toggle. Switching off/on resulted in green screen and client crash.
At least it was working when I didn’t mess with it, so the superior HD 4000 should be capable of running the client, too.

Can you try this fix please?

HELP! Cutting? Glitching out?

Sadly the fix didn’t solve the problem :frowning:

Glad to hear, that devs are trying to help :slight_smile:


Hello, i’ve the same problem.I thought the problem is windows 7,so i’ve tried to install widows 10 but the problem still.I have this problem from 3 days ago can you fix it?


This bug has not had a proper hotfix for it yet (earlier one that was released last week was for the client crashing upon launching), so unfortunately you will have to wait a bit- LS is not as huge of company that can push hotfixes out quickly like other companies might be able to (staff are off for the weekend- they’re human too). For the time being you will have to wait, or try using another system/client (if you have a compatible Android device).


Thank you guys, we appreciate it :slight_smile:


LiquidSky customer service says they released hotfix update yesterday. I still see Green Screen and doubt the hardware is the issue because I been using LiquidSky for long time without such performance issues.

Besides few users on this thread, does anyone else have Green Screen issue?

Only 4 votes? :confused: Please vote people. :+1:


Reinstall the app and do a CCleaner scan (registry cleaner)

Specs please?