GRIP on Liquid Sky 2.0 -- CONTEST ENTRY


Get a grip. Or else.

GRIP is a fast-paced vehicle combat game with a growing multiplayer user-base. Enjoy the high framerate and high definition gameplay as played (and recorded) on Liquid Sky 2.0.

LiquidSky Video Submission Contest! “Show Us Your Best Stunts!”

Starts downloading GRIP

Welp, there goes my weekend...

Excellent submission and great gameplay! The quality was amazing on LiquidSky!

Thanks and looking forward to having you in the contest!


Thanks! It's shaping up to be a great game. Cheap right now, too. Only $16.


i played a lot of this when it was called rollcage 2 for the ps1... :heart_eyes:


I read references to that in the Steam forums. I haven't heard of that game but this later version is looking great.


not my video,
but you can see how this is linked to rollcage, i think no one made another game like it untill now, i was totally addicted to the game on ps1

rollcage 2


Nice gameplay mate you got my vote ! :slight_smile:


Winners have been finalized and polls are open!



Thanks! It took some editing to get it down to 90 seconds but it was worth it. Plays really well on LS.