GTA San Andreas | SAMP (Multiplayer)


Ok so according to liquidsky rules and regulations you cannot install any kind of mods in your game (Not 100% sure), thus GTA San Andreas has a multiplayer (SAMP) which kinda works like a mod, you download it from a website and then install it in the game. So I wanted to know that is it ok to do so, cause I've spent a lot of money on that thing and I actually wanna play it on liquidsky, is it allowed or not.
Thanks for reading !!


I am not so much fussed around the GTA part of this question but it is news to me that you cannot mod your games, is there any official word on if things like NexusMod and SteamWorkshop are classed as "modding" and would be classed as a breach of terms?

@LiquidSkyJustin (sorry to keep mentioning you, I dont know any other mods names)


On the advertising for the new liquidsky it says mod your games but it's unclear to what extent.


I hope not where gta modding that far they don't explain right