GTA V Cant conenct to the internet


Hello Team,
When i started the Game on Gamer Plan, coming the message " Lost connection to the internet" … Whats happen?

And now i cant connect to my Liquidsky Server …


Try to open Google and see if it works… Maybe it can be the Rockstar’s server that are down…


And now
Your skycomputer Failed to connect … ALLL TIME


for me it says the servers are full, probably because of the overwatch event


I just launched it on the Gamer plan and it works perfectly. I’m still on my old SkyPC so maybe that’s why.


Frankfort received a storage upgrade today, that’s most likely why you weren’t able to connect, but now you can.


The new Skypcs have a black mesh wallpaper if anyone is wondering…


Is it any better in performance? I’m thinking about deleting my old SkyPC and going for the new one but am not really sure it’s gonna be worth it


I only played The Evil Within 2 Demo but it ran great in gamer mode.
I’m downloading GTA V as we speak :slight_smile:


I played EW2 through and through a couple of months ago (when it came out) and the game was kinda laggy in the big city (down to 22-28FPS). GTAV runs great, though.


GTA Online is up and running :smile:
Now I want that flying Deloreon car…


UP, same here, any solutions ?


There is an really bad issue with Gta 5 after the new game fix update everytime when closing gta it will give the skypc disconnect error then i have to restart my skypc to start gta again


Working fine for me, Steam version. Are you using the same, or the Rockstar Social Club install?


Im using Rockstar Social club install, also tried to delete SkyComputer . Nothing helps so far


Have you tried installing it on your local computer?


I also dont have problem.I have steam version.


Same here. Works beautifully on LS.


See here:


Yeah, I figured this too. I’ve downloaded it with parts , but it kept disconnecting every 1 - 2Gb downloaded, so it took some time. Thanks though.