GTA V on LiquidSky 2.0 (not a competition entry)


I hope you all enjoy


It's a masterpiece.

10/10 I liked the part where you flew.


Glad you enjoyed it. I can't wait to get more people playing with it. As a mobile gamer. Your app is huge for my channel and the mobile gaming community. I make all my content without a PC and now I can play any games I want all thanks to your app.


Nicely made video with good details.
But when you jump off the bike and oops! you fall down.
I like this part the most.


Really glad you enjoyed it. I had fun editing it together.


Good editing, that could be the best video so far


Really appreciate the kind words


The funny thing is that the first part (00:00 to 00:10) is footage from the PS3/360 version :confused:
(see difference here:
Second: the footage are not from LiquidSky, you can see the logo disappair at 00:17 before the effect goes out.


Thank you for watching. I'm not sure how you mean with it being xbox footage as I don't have any way of doing this what why I have liquidsky.

I haven't seen the liquidsky logo on anyone else video. I'm not sure how they got rid of it. I'm not sure if it zooms in on that transition which is what you might be seeing from the logo.


Stop liyng, everyone know that you didn't used LiquidSky to make this video, the first part of the video show it perfectly well.


only fishy part i see is that when the transitions appear between clips the liquid sky logo doesn't disappear along with the clips, it stays there


The mini map on the PS3/360 version have a large border than the Next gen (Xbox One, PS4, PC) one.

Look this picture (Next gen on the up, old gen aka PS3/360 on the down)

Now you know that, watch the video again.


the first two clips have a large border around the minimap and the 3rd one has no border around the minimap


So, you think it's strange? Maybe this guy is lying just to get the prizes?

EDIT: Actually, there no way to emulate GTA V (PS3/360 version) on PC, the emulator are still very unstable for this.


The client has a screen recorder built in, it doesn't record any of the clients on screen logos/menus or the mouse.


this video is not made by liquidsky ! not the full video atleast !
this is a fraud ...


check the video is not fully made by liqudisky he took some footage from consoles ! and he mix them up
this is unfair !


I haven't done anything wrong but as so many people seem to be unhappy can I withdraw my entry. I did it to promote the app that's why I added the but at the end in hope that more people would come along and use this amazing app.

I don't want people to dislike me in this community so I will withdraw this one and I have just finished my new clip to enter.


Winners have been finalized and polls are open!