Hacking a data center?


So I just watched the keynote and I'm very interested in this service, however I'm curious about the security aspect. Are we running unique virtual machines in one server/data center? If so, will that make it easier for hackers to upload malicious content throughout the rest of the ecosystem and infect other users? What security measures will be in place to prevent it?


Is not it a problem for all the cloud server or vps?


Hi @faltzboy101,

First off let me make this clear - I am in no way connected to LiquidSky so my response is not official.

I'll try to keep this as short as possible as I tend to babble a bit too much :blush:

The virtual environment you have access to is contained completely separate to any other environments. Many big companies run on the back of cloud services such as Netflix and I can assure you that hacking and gaining control of the datacenter that LS use (Ultimately IBM's) would be up there with hacking some of the major governments or institutions of the world!

I have nearly 20 years experience in IT and 7 years cloud experience so I know a few things about security and whilst I can't assure anyone's safety online, as far as the bigger picture goes, the datacenter for LS is one of my least concerns.

I hope that provides some reassurance and maybe LS will respond with some facts that may help too.


Ok great. I figured it was already a solved issue giving that cloud computing had been out for a while now but I never researched it so I had to ask. Thanks dude


No worries - it's a great question by the way. If you have anymore then that's what the community is for :slight_smile: