Had some fun with amazon devices


After black friday I’ve been messing around with quite a few cheap amazon devices and was quite suprised to get Liquidsky running very well on the $50 fire tablet and working reasonably well on a fire tv stick (there were other people using the internet at the time so it may work better than I think).

Still patiently waiting for controller support on the menus as well since plugging a mouse into a fire tv stick is a bit annoying.


That is great news, thanks for sharing, and yes…we hope to have controller support soon.


I’m starting it on the phone than going to the fire stick so I can unplug the mouse. The performance issues were due to sharing the internet, I haven’t ran i to any issues since, I’m quite impressed with the fire stick.

And great news about the controller support, can’t wait.


i put it on my firestick but cant click login , how did you do it?


I used a keybord and mouse to set it all up including streaming settings and controller configuration.


is there a way to do it with a keyboard/mouse. I dont have any bluetooth ones since i have a laptop.


Thats how I did it, a otg cable coming out to a chord into the usb hubs main port then a double ended usb to run the power into the hub.


Thanks for the help! Was actually able to use an app on my phone called cetusplay