Half life 2 control bug report on android


The directional analog stick is fine.Walking back and forth,left and right is fine.Other buttons are fine.Except,for the camera analog stick.The right analog stick.Everytime,while aiming or looking around,the camera seems to be off center.It just warps from one spot to another.For example,while aiming to shoot the enemy the camera just suddenly look the other way.I have to waste time drag the camera angle to come back to aim at the enemy countless times.I’m using Gamesir G3s controller.
The gaming experience is fine but this is what’s disturbing me.Tried on the xbox 360 controller and the camera analog stick has a problem.It doesn’t focus in one spot.It looked everywhere.Worse than Gamesir G3s.
If I come up with other bugs in other games or controls,I’ll let you know.


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