Happy National Video Game Day!


The best open world online racing game in my opinion is Crew 2.


@Spe3dy123 @ahmedex444 @AndrioJonatas @GLaDOS_cake (again :joy: ) and @oselox Congrats on being picked as winners! 1,000 SkyCredits have been added to your accounts. If you didn’t have access, I went ahead and granted you access so you can use the 1,000 SkyCredits. Thanks everyone!


OMG :rofl:
20 characters!!! Thanks!


Hey, great surprise, thanks!!!


You can not believe it !!! I am very happy!!! :heart_eyes::fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3::sweat_drops::video_game:


Congrats everyone! :tada::gift::confetti_ball:


Plus on this game, played it once after watching gameplay videos and had to play it myself and it has a very very indepth story and is GOTY worthy for 2018 for sure


Game The walking dead all seasons :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the best Game was METAL GEAR SOLID 3. No really, my Favorite Game will and is Fallout 76


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