Hard question ASAP PLZ ANSWER


hi i just wanted to ask,if i buy gamer plan,do i need to pay every month to get 80 credits or i already have 80 credits automaticly everymonth without paying that plan again? plz answer ASAP


you have to pay every month to get the 80 credits


damn i hate it :"( i thought u dont need to pay again. and will the price will same or nah?


The price will be the same as it is a re-occuring payment every month

EDIT: Unless stated otherwise prior to payment.


You still save a lot on it though... Normally a credit costs 0.50$, that´s 20 credits for the current 9.99$ price, and you get 80 credits....


Also compare it to Nvidia's new cloud gaming announcement...cheapest you get there for $25 is 20 hours...eeks