Hardcore Henry - did anybody see the movie?


I watched Hardcore Henry once again a short while ago. Everything about this movie is great. Did any of you guys see it?

It is made in Russia and as a Russian I know about it, but how popular is it in other countries? I can't recall many more recently made Russian movies I'm not ashamed of.

Here is a scene from it.


Взломать блогеров. :joy:


Пытался тут найти трейлер этого фильма на английском - нету. Не познают эти англоговорящие настоящей боли.

Yeah, I can't find an English trailer for the movie @maxfransted is talking about. Guess it was only made to melt our brains, yours will be free from it's impact.


Hardcore Henry- looks like a decent Russian action movie to me. The scene you shared, looks very badass and entertaining. Makes me wonder on how complicated the directing was. Will watch it soon. Thanks!


I've seen it in the US.

It was on XBOX for rent / sale


Yes, I definitely went and see it... I just really like when little things in youtube get really successful and creators decide to make huge leaps:

Or like when those guys making little scary videos decided to go and make V/H/S

Do you know what else I found in youtube and is getting really big? (this might get me banned :slight_smile: )