Hardware score Database


Hi All,

I will just post this qoute here:

"Hey guys, we are working on a more accurate hardware score. We want to have it be perfect so that we can publish a database of live hardware scores on our blog (This GPU Model = Hardware Score, This CPU Model = Software Score).
That being said the best determining factor is the (local) latency in the window title. That will be the sum of the decode and render latency."

It would be really nice to have such a database or a table so know how we can improve our experience.

Here is my score for Full HD @ 60 FPS:

i5 3330 - 50
Nvidia GT 630M - 50

(to access your score navigate to the config.ini ( (~/LiquidSky/)

So guys how are your i7 and GTX performing? :slight_smile:


Thats a great idea! Hope the mods see this and implement it. I've been wondering how to buy a machine to get max performance and this would be ideal- to plug in a pc model and find out how it would perform before buying. As it is i've decided to wait until i get a key before i buy.