Haven't been able to connect all weekend



I haven’t been able to jump on my sky computer all weekend.

What gives? I’m a paying customer and I’m getting sick and tired of paying for a service I can’t even use!

Aren’t paying customers supposed to have priority?


Hi Charles23,

Are you still not able to login to your SkyComputer until now?

Yes, paid users have higher priority to login compared to ad supported users.

Please pm me if you are still not able to login so I can assist you immediately if Im still on board.


I’ve been trying to get into liquidsky but whenever I try getting on it says it failed to check updates and that I’m not connected to the internet although I am. I’ve even tried uninstalling and re-installing it but after it tries checking for updates it says the same thing. Please help me with this I’ve tried finding other Cloud Gaming websites but you’re the best one out there as of now. So please help me whenever you can thank you


HI Jinx1,

I just tested connecting to the Washington DC data center and got connected in just 1 try.

Please try connecting again and make sure that the LiquidSky client is already part of the firewall exception on your SkyComputer.