Having some issues


I just purchased 3000 credits to try this out. I play an MMO called Riders Of Icarus. I watched alot of videos about LiquidSky and it seemed like I could map keyboard keys to a controller and the mouse movement to a joystick (I’m on android). If I couldn’t do that, I was just going to use a program like Xpadder.

My issue is that I lauched the game to see if it would work. It seemed like I could use the touch screen like a mouse on the windows page so I figured if it worked, I would just tap exit on the game and be done. Once in game, I realised this would not work and now the pc is stuck on the game using up all of the credits I purchased. Need a little help if you guys have the time.


First, if you hit the LiquidSky icon to access the UI, you should be able to shut down your SkyComputer. That’s a quick way to make sure it shuts down and that you’re not wasting SkyCredits.

Truth be told, I don’t know anything about mapping keyboard inputs to a controller. @LiquidAries do you have any info on this by chance?


I got the game shut down and have my xbox controller configured with Xpadder now. Xpadder is my software of choice to map both keyboard and mouse inputs to a controller. My only other issue is that I cannot see the mouse cursor, on desktop or in game. How to fix? Thanks for the help guys!


Is it true the mouse won’t show up unless a mouse is connected? Please tell me that this isn’t true. I can control a mouse with the joystick on the controller. Already working on the remote pc I have through liquidsky just still cannot see the mouse. If I move the invisible mouse over an icon it highlights and I can click it but I cannot play my game without seeing it.

UPDATE: Bought a Bluetooth mouse and it will interface with the desktop of the remote pc using androids mouse icon but will not interface with my game. Using patience I managed to get the invisible mouse to click on North America Server button in the game once it highlighted and I did that using the Xbox controller.