Hellblade Senuas Sacfrefice bad fps and a lot of stuttering



Hey there,

anyone playing that game named in the topic?

I tried it a PRO PLAN first with very high settings… which produced some lag… later on with high settings which where great until the first fight… at this point the game lags alot… i downgraded the settings to medium…still recognising stutterings while moving :frowning:

There is no connection problem… I tested my connection to servers in Frankfurt germany and have 11ms with 102mbit/s down & 50mbit/s up.

If such games not running well… maybe this kind of service is no choice for me :-/

Thanks a lot for any feedback or help!


I tested that game on another cloud gaming service: ■■■■■■. There it runs much more smoother, but they have a bug with mouse controlling. So I think the performance issue is a kind of hardware ressource allocation. ■■■■■■ offers 8x gpu cores in sum of 1.500cude cores. Maybe liquid sky offers less at pro plan?
I really like your input & stream performance… but if the hardware allocation is too less, I won’t use the service. Maybe offer another package with more performance options… I like to pay more for it. ■■■■■■ takes $38 for an fullhd package with unlimited playtime a month.


Please don’t post about competitors here. Some changes are in the works that should help with performance. Also have you tried this here?

Because sometimes in games there’ll be good FPS numbers but the stream stutters, making it feel worse than it actually is.


Set desktop resolution to 720p then launch game and run on very high with 0 stuttering. Check out my Twitch broadcast from last night as proof because that was the game I broadcasted and I just started archiving broadcasts. Username: tehhellhound666 I will note that the game settings make very little difference which is why I told you to run on very high. The resolution change makes a world of difference.


While broadcasting in parts of Hellheim, the fps plummeted to unplayable levels. Seems a variant of the bug they had issues with for AMD users that they released a patch for. The workaround for AMD users was to set the launch flags -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -dx10 The second is known to degrade graphics by some, so I tried with only -USEALLAVAILABLECORES and that was enough to stop my fps from crashing in the bugged areas. So I recommend setting that flag when starting this game to ensure a smooth play experience.