Hello Everyone Hows It Going?


Im new to forums. They arent my cup of tea but imma try them out. Maybe i like it. Anyways hey everyone.


Lol, hi! :grinning:
You over on the Discord, too?


Yeah Im Ano0onymouse Or Itza Me A Marioooooo.


I thought so. :male_detective:
The Discord is way better for a chat, but it’s horrible if you need to do bugfixing. That’s where the forum comes in. It’s much easier to keep track of issues here.


yeah haha. Im not very fond of forums but trying it out.



The Forum is a great place for people to find the solution to a problem or the answer to a question long after it has originally been answered. The “search” helped me a lot when I first started using Liquid

Discord is nicer for the immediate chatting.







yup that seem just about the right image for this community.




Yo yo, What’s going on? ^^


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