Hello , your experience with liquidsky


Hi liquidsky users please share your experience with liquidsky in this post.


I usually have a pretty good experience, the only 2 problems i can remember are the servers being full at peak time and i being unable to launch any of my games in fullscreen, but they all work in fullscreen bordeless


I made a video:

LiquidSky is still in beta, but it really sucks.


Easy with the thread necro please. Keep in mind that this is a beta service and things like this are bound to happen. I’m not certain of which performance package you are using in said video, but considering the title (I haven’t watched it yet), you’re trying to trying to run this game at ultra. This isn’t necessarily for AAA at max graphics (and to some extent you don’t need max graphics to have a great gaming experience). New GPU should also be able to help with running this, once it gets here. I know we keep talking about it and it seems far away, but it is close!