HeLLooooooooooooO! is this one of your Official Facebook Page


i was looking for liquidsky in fb.com and i found this one and i am wondering if it is official one or not


It doesn't look very official to me and I would always recommend using the link from a companies website that you know is correct. Such as the one on LiquidSky's homepage points to https://www.facebook.com/LiquidSkySoftware

I'm sure that the LiquidSky team appreciate you bringing this potential copycat to their attention so they can report if necessary :+1:


@six_adem No that is not an official LiquidSky Facebook page. In fact, LiquidSky posted on there back on Oct 17, 2016 telling them to close the page down.

Hello, this page has been found in violation of LiquidSky's trademark and false impersonation of our business. LiquidSky will be asking for a cease and desist of all services on this page and have the page removed or it will be legally reported for trademark infringement.
Our company's official page can be found below
Thank You
- LiquidSky Staff


yes they should report it soon