HELP, all my credits are gone!



All my credits are gone and it says I have 0 GB out of 0GB storage.

Please fix this asap!


YES MAN!!! The same thing happened to me today. Most of the data centers, my SkyComputer, my credits, and my storage are simply gone. Please post this issue in the reddit platform.


same :confused:


looks like server part with account info is down, because i can't login in skycomp also (can't retrieve info about account)



Dude same, liquidsky been acting weird the past day


Same 4 me

I had 130 skycredits and they are gone!

look at this

It's like they deleted the other servers and just left the Mexico server and the South Korea server.


Hopped into live chat since I have the exact same issue. Just heard from the support rep. They're aware that something is going on and are working to fix it.


Same here...
I had 180 skycredits before...
But watch the data center location page, they are missing servers, like Frankfurt, London or Milan!
Migration ?


Oh God...
I hope they solve it soon.


As the servers are also missing from the map, I'm going to guess they lost network connectivity. That would mean everything is still there, just not accessible. If that's the case, it'll be back up in a couple of hours.

Just a guess.


I'm not worried, the team knows how to do it.

Best regards!


I hope the PCs have not been deleted


Same thing here. Worst thing is that I had started the skycomputer before, so I assume I'm going to lose a crapton of credits. Dang. Think I'll get refunded?


If it's a network drop, they wouldn't be. Everything would still be there, just not accessible at the moment. Let's hope that's all it is.


Now the account section does not work


Hey Everybody,

We are currently aware of the situation and our developers are actively working to remedy the issue. We will be posting updates with further information as it becomes available.

This problem should be resolved shortly, so we ask that our users please remain patient as we repair the issue.

Thank You!


I just logged in im back up and running. :+1:


It's working, yeah. I assume that the servers were down due to LiquidSky adding more servers, as I believe that there are more than there were before.


MY thing is stuck on "Your SkyComputer is starting" anyone else?