Help before getting sub


Hey there, I wanna use this and get a sub, curious as to if liquid sky runs well in nz? From Hong Kong server.


I would recommend that you run a network speedtest to Hong Kong.

Though considering your location relative to the datacenter your experience may be less than ideal, being both beyond the 1500 km greater latency area and the connection requiring to be routed through other countries (in cases like users in the EU ISPs can affect your routing causing greater latency and ping). Not to say that you can’t game (there are users in India [facing a similar situation like you being outside of the greater latency area of the nearest datacenter] who tolerate the higher 100+ pings), but it wouldn’t be suitable for more competitive/online modes. For single player games you might get away with at such pings.


Hey there thanks for the reply, what would be a good speed test to test my ping to Hong Kong server.


You can use something like In my experience the specific server doesn’t really matter since the location should be roughly the same.

Edit: Going to go to bed now (it’s 1AM over here in NY-stayed up late today due to things) but feel free to post if you have any more questions/concerns. Either I will get to it later or perhaps someone can reply (it can happen).


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