Help me in downloading games


How can I download games like GTA 5 other than steam for free? Help me guys. Tell me how you do it ?


Buy it, you can't get it free


I just read ur post. Bug fixed?


I don't make the post, but yes the bug its fixed


But I saw Ian saying in his speech about liquid sky that u can download games from Chrome or other sites if u can..


its torreting and you can get banned from liquidsky


Any illegal actions (including pirating games) can lead to an immediate suspension of your account (and any remaining credits)

So better not risk it, and only play games you own legally! :wink:


GTA 5 is not free. You have to buy it off steam or in a store.


Easy way to get GTAV for free:
1. Buy it from Steam.
2. Install it.
Now you have steam GTA V for free.


Steam has a lot of Free to play Games. You can't get GTA 5 for free. Just buy it. You can try ,


I actually used G2A to get GTAV. Despite the criticism the site gets, I've never had a problem.


K thanks for the info