Help Needed: Clips for Game Optimization Videos


Must Haves

  • All video recorded in 1080p
  • At least two separate clips of exciting gameplay (1 minute minimum length each)
  • Recording of starting your SkyComputer and the recommended plan
  • Send all raw video files (non-edited) with a list of where the usable clips are
  • Spend between 10-15 seconds showing the video settings
  • Video settings written out

Good to Have

  • Record on local machine to capture LiquidSky overlay
  • New and popular games

Here are examples of the videos we’ve done in the past.

Option 1
Following the above guidelines, send us your video clips and we’ll make the video, crediting you and providing SkyCredits as a thank you for helping.

Option 2
Same as all the above, but you produce the video to completion. We will provide the templates for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Proof of previous videos will be asked for. We will reward you with a SkyCredit and cash bonus for your work/time.

Option 1 Payout - 1,000 SkyCredits
Option 2 Payout - 1,000 SkyCredits and $25 USD w/ verified PayPal

Please post below if you are interested in helping.

*Payouts only if your clips are used. Your game choice must be approved by LiquidSky staff ahead of time. Once the video is up on the LiquidSky social pages, the payout will be sent.

SKy Credits Reward?


What do you mean with:



It means we’ll have to look at previous videos to make sure someone actually knows how to edit. Option 2 is only for people who know how to edit videos


Well, i kinda know how to edit, but i don’t use adobe premiere pro, but i’ll try to make videos by learning how to work with adobe


Yeah, the templates are in Premiere Pro and After Effects.


I am going to try to learn how to use Adobe


For some reason, whenever i try to install adobe premiere pro, my laptop breaks, having to remove the battery to shut it down, and then goes to a state where is doesn’t boot, being stuck on starting windows(i have windows 7) only being recoverable via system restore, i alredy tried it 4 times. I tried after restoring windows, after formating windows and even tried installing windows 10, everyrhing ended up in a boot stuck, if anyone has any idea to fix this, it would help a lot


Can i make a video about gta 5 ?


there was a video alredy made about gta 5, you need to make about games that liquidsky hasn’t alredy done( i done about gta 5, lol, star wars battlefront 2, pubg and destiny 2)


Ok i will make resident evil 7 video then


ok i want to make videos


i will ninjago movie


i will make ninjago movie video game


@tuanchu0508 What other games could you do besides Resident Evil 7?

@145briant Same question for you - I don’t think the lego game is one we need right now.


assasins creed origins


Does the game work for you? If so, that would be great.


Well, i was now able to install the adobe stuff, and i saw, it is almost the same as the program i used to use, so, if possible, i would like to also make videos, i can do about fortnite, if you want, or i can edit my old H1Z1 video ( with liquidsky’s templates


@PinaTryhard Can you message me on Discord? I have footage for Fortnite already, but H1Z1 might be good since I think they just had a big update.


yeah, sure, sending now a message, i’m PinaTryhard on discord