Help Needed: Clips for Game Optimization Videos


Can i make a Dead by Daylight video?


I think that sounds like a good one. Do you have the required programs for editing or would you just record the clips and send to me?


I’ll do Shadow of War.
I’ll make 1 video with combat gameplay, 1 with showing the graphic settings and 1 with in-game benchmark.


The videos we’re looking for are supposed to be like the examples provided. If you plan on editing the videos yourself, they need to follow that format.


Oh, then send me the template in private. :slight_smile:


I’ll just send the clips, i dont know how to edit.


I really like your profile picture, Its probably the parrot.


Would you be interested in a Tom Clancy’s the Division guide? Probably would do that if I’m going to make one.


I’ve got Rocket League, is it a good game to do this Optimization video?

BTW, if my video is chosen, and I edit it but my PayPal isn’t verified, could I receive the money?



@Exorsus What games would you be able to record?

@N00B731O That’d be a good one. Would you edit or just record clips?

@AGGA68 Someone is already doing Rocket League. What else could you do? And yes, needs to be a verified PayPal.


I can record Dead by Daylight.


I’ve got:

-Dungeons 3
-Offensive Combat: Redux!
-Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
-Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
-Garry’s Mod
-Conan Exiles
-Valnir Rok
-Black Desert Online
-Beat the Game

And… that’s it, it’s a small list, I know haha.

Too bad you don’t accept unverified accounts because I don’t have a credit card, but I suppose you have a reason to do it like this.



I would try editing, but I need to check if I have the software already (have the full Adobe CS6).


I got clips for Battlefield 4. (unedited)
Where to send them?


Just shoot him a PM…


Upload the clips to drive, or dropbox, or whatever and PM Morgan with the link to download


Eu quero fica com essa conta


Optimization? I find at Pro setting(when it starts, since I am finding sometimes gamer mode works when pro does not) this service handles nearly any setting you throw at it. I find enabling V-Sync stops a good number of games from being jerky/laggy, especially on gamer mode. Antialiasing is costly, as are HDR shaders, but have yet to have to turn them off.


Enabling vsync? I actually always have it turned it off. I’ll try that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I found that shadows can be really nasty performance-wise. In Fortnite, they cut the framerate in half, while everything else has only little to no effect. In general, if you’re not hunting for 100+ fps, Pro can handle almost any game fine.


The TV I typically play on is an oldie but goodie with a 60Hz refresh rate, so keeping it above or at that works for me. Consoles often can’t even do that. My 2 favorite services, this(despite some recent frustration) and GeForce Now are able to do that in a device smaller than a game console. Anyhow, my guess is Vsync syncs the frames with the stream display, because it is often a small performance hit on a local PC, although I have seen some game and graphic card combinations that are an exception to that rule.