Help Us Decide New Pricing


Hey guys! We have been discussing a restructure on our current pricing models. We have widdled it down to two different options which I think you guys might be excited about. Let me break down the two different options.

Option A

Beginner is the baseline plan currently known to most of you as “pay-as-you-go.” No monthly commitment and SkyCredits purchased this way would not expire. If you are on the Beginner package, SkyCredits would be used 2x faster than normal. 2 SkyCredits/min for Gamer and 4 SkyCredits/min for Pro. To offset this, you would receive twice as many SkyCredits when you purchase (3,000 instead of 1,500).

Prestige is the base monthly plan similar to what we have today. The main difference is an added 20 hours of gaming included. Prestige + is a new subscription plan billed annually. It ends up being cheaper per month with even more hours. Both Prestige and Prestige + would burn SkyCredits at the regular rate of 1 SkyCredit/min for Gamer and 2 SkyCredits/min for Pro. There would be no rollover SkyCredits on either of these monthly plans, but you would keep and be able to use any and all SkyCredits earned up until we make any change. New SkyCredits purchased would be used before any SkyCredits that would be grandfathered in.

Option B

Option B would introduce unlimited plans which many of you have asked for. The structure of these plans would be very different from what we have currently. All three options shown above are subscriptions.

Gamer plan would have 200 GB of storage, unlimited game time, but be limited to only being able to access the Gamer hardware package.

Pro plan would have 500 GB of storage, unlimited game time and be able to access both Pro and Gamer hardware packages.

Founders Club would be billed annually (whereas Gamer and Pro are monthly) and have 750 GB of storage, unlimited game time, and access to Pro and Gamer. We have toyed with the idea of reintroducing access to elite for these users if possible, but we’d have to drum up enough interest from you guys to see if it’s feasible. We haven’t tested as of yet, but throwing it out there for your feedback. The Founders Club members would also get additional perks beyond that of the VIP Gamer Club such as flair and closer access to the team.

In the case of both Option A and Option B, your current plans would be grandfathered in as long as you maintain your billing. The purpose of this post is to see what your feelings are on the matter and which of these two options would be most appealing.

Please vote on one of the options below and leave a comment with your thoughts. We really need your feedback!

  • Option A
  • Option B

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Unlimited plan is really unlimited?
Is liquidsky dead?
Why cannot LS gives us a dedicated GPU when a competitor is with Other Hardware
This is best pricing for liquidsky and we too in profit
So how's the internal test going?
Whats going on today? Extreme Lagg!
New Payment Plans - Removing my credits unless I pay more?


None of both. Because 10 dollars is also expensive for me and now 15 or 20 dollars minimum can’t afford


I would love elite plan since it’s going to unlimited, no worries about sky credits :smile:


Feeling very disappointed,the service is becoming very expensive.


I myself really need the PAYG package. I have a working gaming PC that gives me all of the Power I need. But when I am not at home I would like to use your service. I do like the Idea of the unlimited plan and I think allot of people would like it. But I need at least one option of a PAYG Plan. Or some way to roll over credits. Even if they get used up much faster then or if the Price per Hour goes up significantly.


Liquidsky should not become this much expensive.We can build a powerful Gaming PC if we save this much money for a few months.


But why are you changing pricing? 1 dollar = 4 TRY so even the beginner plan too expensive for me. Also I don’t use much SkyPc, I like rollover credits system.


If we have to choose between A and B, i choose B.

Its a lot of money, but if we are talking about this kind of prices a month it has to be unlimited game time at least.
And the performance of the platform need to be a lot better too, i am sorry to say but in the kind of performance state the platform is in sometimes, its not even worth this kind of prices.

from all the cloud gaming providers i tested, LS is the least performing service at the moment.
So it need to improve a lot, performance wise, otherwise sorry you can better save your money and build a medium gaming machine for yourself.

Dont get me wrong, i am not seeking maxed out settings on every game, but it needs to handle medium settings on 60 FPS at least, most of the times this is not the experience sadly.


The Price change might be necessary to keep up with future Upgrades and maintenance costs. But I really hope a rollover function stays available :confused:


Hope that answers your question and possibly some concerns from other users. Your plans will stay the same unless you change them!

@wesleybons Not sure if you’ve been keeping up with what we’ve been doing, but some massive improvements are underway and currently being tested.


Hey Morgan,

your current plans would be grandfathered in as long as you maintain your billing

thanks for the reply. Would that also count for PAYG packages? As they are not monthly are they still grandfathered down as long as you don’t book any other monthly plan?

And I am currently on the monthly plan and wanted to switch back to PAYG after that. Will I be able to do that?




I hope you are right.
I am here since the LS 1.0 time, and was ‘sold’ the same ‘sale’ speech when 2.0 got in beta.
Excuse me if i am more critical with the promises/annoucements this time.

I have to see it for myself, this time :-).
But i hope you right.


Will not even consider voting until you make a Mac client. I have an active account and paying for it for over a year now with not a single hour spend. Waiting for a proper client. If I want to hord credits at an even more expensive plan, forget it.


So, you wouldn’t be able to buy more monthly SkyCredit packages, but you’d be able to use any/all SkyCredits you have accumulated.



do you have a approx time until the change might happen? Or will it be announced a bit beforehand? (So that I could stock up on a few thousand before the change happens :smiley: )




I agree with @Kishore . This is cool and all, but WAY to pricy. Sorry, I’m out if this is the case.


It should be A, because B just removes the ability of one time purchases


A has single purchases whereas B doesn’t.


We’ll let you know more when the time comes. Just seeing which of the options provided is the most popular!