Help Us Decide New Pricing


80% of your community. That’s not a trivial number, that’s the vast majority.


Definitely! It’s something we want to work towards.


What was the use of this poll.80% of the users opted for the unlimited plan and what you are planing is definitely opposite of it.The problem of the limited availability of the resources was already said in this form,but you said that the allocation for the huge usage will be managed by the team.
First you said about the Unreal GPU upgrade and now this pricing change.Bad move by the Company…


Did you read the announcement? The “why” was addressed!

The purpose of this poll was to gauge interest in unlimited. We want it just as much as you guys do and are exploring ways to make this happen.


I’m not clear as to how long my existing credits are good for if I purchase a new plan. If Skycredits don’t rollover, how long are they good for?


This explains it:


Here you go:

That specific portion is forever just as long you check in 90 days.
Any SkyCredits you’ve accumulated prior to June 1, 2018 will remain as long as you are active. Your “old” SkyCredits will not be used unless you first run out of your monthly allowance. Moving forward, all users must spend at least 1 SkyCredit every 90 days or their balance will be removed and their account deactivated

The monthly prestige and + plan (since those don’t rollover) are good until the end of your billing period.


Well F me sideways and call me sally. Sadly this has done it for me, was fun while it lasted, you should of stuck with the previous price plan and never took out the poll imo. Maybe I’ll come back in the future when the prices go down and there are not as many issues with the service. Sad times, bye for now.


why give us the option to vote? tell us thats unlimited is coming in the future and done.


This thread was originally to gauge interest for the team to consider changes moving forward- please see the new pricing plan announcement.

Edit: also going to be closing this thread as now it’s gone off topic of the original intent. Again this thread was for feedback and suggestions to the team moving forward. They have taken such feedback into consideration and will be trying to offer unlimited in the future.