Help Us Decide New Pricing


Will there be a change of plan from these two option ?Other than A and B.


Well, the performance increase and the pricing are separate things and I would treat them as such.


Will there be a performance increase then?


Your credits and plan will rollover. That’s what this line means:


In the sense that we’re very close to removing the stuttering/chugging during peak times and whatnot, then yes. More FPS, storage, RAM - no.


What do you mean?

Currently, we are seeing what people think is the best idea. Not changing isn’t an option since it’s not part of the poll. When changes are made, we are not forcing anyone to sign up for a new plan. Your old plan will remain in place until you change it (or something like your billing expires).


After thinking about this a while I think a mixture of A & B would be nice.

The Plan B as is added with the option of a PAYG Package with credits. Maybe the “Beginner” Package from Option A or even a more expensive Version. That way the “hardcore” users would have their unlimited plans and the “occasional” gamers like me would have the option to pay once and play for a longer period instead of only 1 Month (maybe have the credits expire after a certain amount of time so that they don’t get hogged on for ever).




Option B is for sure.


My time spent gaming varies greatly from month to month and prefer to use PayPal and really appreciate the PAYG model for Beginners plan in option A

The current $9.99 one off payment option currently used, is why I jumped at the chance too try out liquidsky, after finding it in Google play store on shield tablet.

Having access to full windows desktop and my own steam account that I use on PC is what has made my Shield devices replace my gaming rig.

I pulled the plug on gaming rig about a month ago now and the savings made on power bill actually pays for my cloud gaming !

The gpu in gaming rig had a 400W tdu so probably will see larger benefit than most.
The gaming rig was really setup as headless server for gamestreaming locally too Shield devices, which I think is helping me move to the cloud.

All I know is that whether option A or option B gets implemented I will be buying more skycredits and am really looking forward to trying out 0.5.0 android client and even more for new VM deploying GRID P100 vGPUs (if not virtual Pascal arch Quadro GPUs). :grin:


Please don’t make this promise, last time you just kick everyone off their plan and didn’t keep to your grandfathered promise.


Well, I have been a member since the closed beta, but a I stopped using LS for a while. I have only up to 10-15 hours to play a month, that’s why cloud computing would be a great soluiton for me. However since my cloud computer will be erased, if I can’t login within 7 days, I get fed up with reinstalling and adjusting my games again and again as a PAYG user. In addition paying 15 or 25 bucks doesn’t sound like a good business for me for 10-15 hours playing a month. I know, I am not in the target group of the LS anymore. But I think I am in the same boat with many other users…


I admit I haven’t use Liquid sky for a fair while but found it under performed for me. I might be interested in the unlimited aspect though as I’d like ot use the vps as a general vps instead of the gaming side.

Like I said I haven’t used liquid sky in a while so might check the lastest update to see if it’s improved any.


If you implement those unlimited plans, say hello again to the stuttering and lag at peak times, and maybe even off peak times. Who knows… I prefer the way it is, and we were promised to use pro plan off peak time at the cost of 1 credit per min, but ok…


This discussion is about these plans, not performance. The two are not related. The stuttering issue is getting fixed and an announcement will be made soon on that topic. We’ve been discussing our testing and findings over the last few weeks in various other threads.

Also, we had the idea of using Pro for the Gamer rate during off peak, but we never promised anything. It’s could still be on the table, but we feel these are better choices.


The new hardware will hopefully fix both

And am sure everybody will be jumping on unlimited when quality of service is stabilised and reliable :grinning:


I alluded to this in a different post, but we discovered that the issues that have been mentioned (stuttering, peak time performance) were not related to the hardware. We’re currently testing a huge software update that should fix most issues and comparing the current M60 to the P100. The P100s aren’t holding up to all the hype, I’ll tell you that much.


Of course it is related Morgan.
Unlimited = More resources = Stuttering/Lag = More expensive = Same or less performance. Everything is related. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, then we need to test it first before we give an opinion about pricing :yum:


Ooh oh o. :scream::dizzy_face:. Scorecharacters

I guess if LS really wanted to go bleeding edge they would be using Tesla V100 to be training virtual bots to write softwares already!

Do LS devs use Tesla V100 and tensor cores in their development work at all?


I’m not sure how unlimited means more resources. Unlimited doesn’t magically change people’s schedules or give them more time to play. It’s to allow for flexibility and not having to worry about hours or keeping track of SkyCredits. You’d be surprised at how hard it can be to explain SkyCredits to new users :stuck_out_tongue: .

As I said, we are considering these separate and would ask for you to do the same so as to provide us feedback. If you need to, go into that happy place in your mind and think about which option would be best assuming everything is optimal and working the way it’s supposed to.


The thing is with both option A & B is that their only 1 PAYG option witch is basically the same as what we have right now except extra 5$ at the expense of 100GB of storage and the problem for me is that is use liquidsky only to play big AAA games witch only 2 or 3 times a month so i would be having to pay 5$ more for storage that i don’t want.