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PAYG currently has the same storage. That’s not changing.


Doesn’t option A PAYG say 200gb


Yep, that’s what it is currently too.


I’m really disapointed in the lack of any kind of plan with SkyCredits rollover. This was the main argument that made me choose LiquidSky over competitors (eg Par sec)


is it. well now i’ll have to pay extra for nothing


Nope, we use the same servers you guys do with the exception of when we do testing. I’m not even sure if our partner is offering the V100 for us, but that’s not on the table right now anyway.


I have got only one question… With the option B, will the PAYG Disappear? And what about people like me that can’t spend 20$ at month? However I prefer B because the unlimited plan is so beautiful!

Edit: and what about storage deletion? We don’t need to login every 7 days to keep our storage from deleting right?


Option B! I have money and a job, which would.make me a more permanent customer! It sucks to have to turn off the sky pc just to squander points whenever I go take a quick lunch or get dragged into a company squabble. This would cement my endeavor’s!


Comparing the two Options it seems that we get more for our money taking Option B:

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Plan Price Time A Time B
Prestige+ vs Founders Club 24,99 / 299,99 60h {P} / 120h {G} unlimited (maybe Elite)
Prestige vs Pro 29,99 / 359,88 50h {P} /100h {G} unlimited
Beginner vs Gamer 14,99/179,88 vs 19,99 / 238,88 25h {P} / 12,5 {G} unlimited (Gamer only)

Because of removing the rollover and the perspective of unlimited usage a heavy user will tend to Plan B. Casual users might like the flexibility from Option A.

Even if you get more time both options should increase your cashflow, which basically is ok, you are running a business. On the other hand - paying more - I would expect faster progress on fixing issues and updating. What is the point of using LS? I don’t have a (gaming) PC and do not want to spend >1000€ for a more or less future proof setup. LS should offer me the possibility to play current titles. Because of driver issues that is not the case. Your argument that this discussion is about the options and not the issues does not work, because one question is: what do we get for our money? Where is the worth of unlimited time, when some hyped new titles are not available on this service? So there is some relation between “features” and prices.


Option B ALLL THE WAY!!! idc how much more it costs. THE limited sky credits was the only thing that made me not pay for this service i have enough anxiety as it is and i didn’t need a counter at the top giving me more anxiety as i played my games to try and get my mind from out of my mind


I believe both are overpriced for what the service is, sure an unlimited service would be really really good, price seems okay, however it needs better stability and better performance, for these prices people might as well not play for a few months and build a PC of their own, current prices/packages are okay to be honest.


Awesome feedback! Thanks for your thoughts and the way you presented them

I more meant in the context of that we expect to have the major issues worked out soon. I know that “soon” is one of those terms, but we have a planned announcement once we’re done testing the fixes for the issues. We are currently testing if that helps!


There would only be the monthly subscriptions for Option B. As far as storage, there would be no required login every 7 days. It would mimic the current monthly plans in that regard.


Plan B is far better then Plan A.


Based on the idea that you may have fixed the major issues, there are at least two additional points:

  1. Given you are introducing Option B, you have to ensure that every gamer will get an server when he wants. Talking about peak times and performance does not fit to flatrate model. Imagine the shitstorm, if a significant number of users won’t be able to use your service when they want. So do your math very well.
  2. Currently there are not a lot of nameable competitors from my point of view. But keep in mind that this will change. Currently there is big beta program running, which is very promising and even not supported games are running well there.
    You will have to monitor the market and the options offered by your competitors or you will be passed by the value for the money.

Just to clarify:
Option B, Casual Gamer: Subscription for one month, in the second month he has not enough time or money to continue his subscription and cancels it (simulation PAYG): his Sky-PC will be deleted after the month, or won’t it? What happens to Sky-PCs with active subscription that are not used in a month?


If you cancel your subscription, the SkyPC will be deleted, just as it is done now. If you resub, you’d have to install your games again, but with unlimited access, that would be a minor nuisance.

If you keep your sub though, it will remain intact. Morgan said so further above, and it also makes sense, because subscribers are paying on a regular basis.


I understood what it means, I’m just saying I will not vote or change my current plan until Mac client is not out. Even so, these prices seem steep even tho they are offering in some cases unlimited play time, but for a very casual players this will not be a valid option. If I want unlimited playtime I’m guessing I could build a gaming rig of my choice. The idea behind LS was that you can play anywhere anytime, but why not stick to one more attribute, ‘as much as you want’? If I wanna play 3h/month I really don’t see a reason to pay for unlimited play time.

So even tho you are considering these packages as well I would still like to get a proper mac client 1st so I can invest some game time into it before committing even more funds to your service.

I wonder what the prices will be when you exit beta.


The service is not up to the mark when compared with the money we are giving.You need to release the MAC client and make more Data Centre.Its good to release the update before making any changes to the Plan system.


Ok. I read everyone’s reply. I REALLY HOPE you will choose the B plan because, if we have to pay so much money, we will need at least to have unlimited time! I will miss the 10€ PAYG… Probably I will play a month or two and for 1-2 months I will not… But what… It’s business… But please, don’t increase the price anymore. It’s enough… Thank you


After the implementation of the B option, please, stop increasing the price. Because you will probably lose poor clients like me… And I won’t abandon this service

Edit: and this is a small question… Are the payment methods unchanged? Please tell me that I can always use paysafecard for the subscription… Thank you!