Help Us Decide New Pricing


They’re not planning to reduce payment options. But ultimately, this is down to Xsolla, LS have little imfluence on what they’re doing, Xsolla is a huge company compared to LiquidSky.

Anyways. Personally, I think option B would be very cool. On the other hand, I fully understand your concerns. If you haven’t much time for gaming, it’s basucally a price increase. On the other hand, both the 30$ Pro and 20$ Gamer unlimited packages will offer really good value for money.

So far, this is only a poll. They won’t be implementing the new pricing model anytime soon. And maybe (only my two cents), it will even be possible to have both options. You could for example allow people to purchase PAYG credits, that will only be consumed when there’s no active sub.


PAYG + option B = I will make a statue for you! Really! I will go around the world to tell everyone about your service!!! But yeah! Thank you! It will be really cool the plan B! But I have a question… In the past you removed the unlimited plan due to abuse… And what now? What if people abuse again the unlimited plan? Do you remove it another time? Or have you thought a solution for the abuse? Please tell me! Thank you


Wait… Question: what is vip used for if the skycredits and the time is unlimited?

Edit: and what is the founder club? Please explain I’m curious!

Explain vip and founder club! What we will obtain if the time is unlimited? What are these options?

Edit: for the rest, I’m very excited about the plan B and I hope it will be implemented soon!

But, @Xelasarg, Will we be able to spend all my accumulated PAYG skycredits before subscribing? Or when you make your change I will lose all my skycredits? Sorry for all this questions but I want to know!

Thank you!


Please remember that I’m only moderator (=user), not LiquidSky staff. I have no idea if this would be possible, it’s just a solution that came to my mind. I have no insights into numbers, revenue, business calculations or whatever. Let’s see what the team will make of the poll and all the feedback. :slight_smile:


I think option B would cut off super occasional gamers like me. The SkyCredits system was perfect for me, because I was able to decide when to play without constraints. I mean: I have 2000 SkyCredits and I can play 2 hours this month, 10 hours in the next one and 30 in the next next one. With plan B this would be no longer possible.
Call me crazy, but I would be happy to pay $19.99 for a non unlimited plan, if this means pay once and play for two, three or four months.


Plan B seems much more amazing and value for money. It would give a real tough competition to other services and with this you can build a base of loyal customers who are regular users, provide better feedback and use the service much more.


Not crazy at all. As with every flatrate pricing model, it only pays off if you use it more than average. My phone contract is 30€ unlimited, but I hardly ever do phone calls. It only sort of pays off because I’ve got a huge mobile data plan included, and I’m wasting many gigabytes on Twitch streams and Youtube videos every month.

So, for the casual gamer, the credit system may indeed be more attractive.


Maybe the God will make both options available: PAYG plan and the unlimited of the option B!


If anyone knows how to talk to god, it’s @liquidskymorgan :wink:


Lol… Well let’s what what will happens. I hope I will be able to spend my skycredits before the new plan options!


Both options suggest price increase and I can understand this move.

Option A. I would like to see at least one more PAYG plan with more credits and possibly savings. I see absolutely no trouble shutting down my VM and logging in at least once/week or deleting it when I’m not planning to play for an extended period. The other two subscription plans seem the same as unlimited to me, because as a casual gamer I am unlikely to reach the bottom of the allowance.

Option B is likely to keep some casual gamers (like myself) away from this service, although the $20 plan looks ok if you want to complete a game or two within a month.

One little suggestion: you can remove gamer hardware package from Pro and Founders club plans, as it doesn’t make sense to offer lower spec for the same price as high spec hardware.


I really hope there’ll be a plan to preserve credits if you don’t play regularly. I mean, I really hope… :hushed:


Option B is really fun with unlimited play time. I can complete 2-3 games in a month. It is very interesting. And here I see people like option B. It is suitable for gaming and liquidsky is a gaming service, not a vps service.


One little suggestion: you can remove gamer hardware package from Pro and Founders club plans, as it doesn’t make sense to offer lower spec for the same price as high spec hardware.


but with an unlimited plan aren’t those features the thing that costs the most and makes the most difference? Most people wouldn’t pay more just for the other boni. So I think it’s only viable to do it like this.




Unless I missed something in what @liquidskymorgan said, I meant to say that since under the Pro Unlimited plan no credits are consumed, over 95% gamers will pick Pro hardware package, because they just pay the fixed price anyway. It would be awesome if the system was intelligent enough to adjust resources on the fly based on the game you are launching, but we aren’t quite there yet.


Yeah, but that is the marketing trick. You offer a cheaper product that works but has a little bit missing. Almost everyone will pick the Pro package to get the power. But when comparing against competitors you still have a very cheap unlimited option that is available.




@Thorsten6 One of the purposes of this restructure in pricing is to make it easier for us to scale up. We absolutely agree with you on your first point. And as any company, you better believe we’re aware of what’s going on in our vertical. What’s going on in the B2B side of our business is super exciting and potentially very big. The great part about that is that anything we do to improve B2B improves the gaming platform since it’s the same technology.

As far as your question, it would work as it currently does - when you cancel your monthly sub, your sub remains active until your renewal date. There would be no PAYG, so you’d lose access and your data if you don’t renew by your renewal date.

@GLaDOS_cake We wouldn’t remove access to the lower plans from the higher sub levels just in case there aren’t enough slots or whatnot. It’s easy to give people the option! Also, your current SkyCredits will rollover to whatever plan gets chosen. In Option A, the Beginner plan does have rollover SkyCredits.

Also, what you said here:

This 100x yes. That’s our ultimate goal, but the technology is still being built. :wink:


Option B! Unlimited is a must have.

IT .uckt up when playing and the Credit go out and you can buy new credits first 2 Days or later.

Unlimited Plan Cant go out credits

(Sry for Bad english, i Cant good english im German )


I’m well aware of the fact that it requires a lots of money for services like this to be up and running with all the maintenance of servers costs and what not. the free plan that wasn’t very viable and it was abused by a lots of users so it was a good decision to remove it. However, if possible it’d be great to have some sort of trial or demo to check how the service works for someone who lives far from the data center. i know it sounds stupid but hopefully in the future if you guys added the trial/demo thingy that’d be great.


@liquidskymorgan you seem to have missed this important question. I would also like to know what solution you have for this.