Help Us Decide New Pricing


I think they will implement some timer or a captcha code…


So I used to use Liquidsky a hell of a lot before I bought my gaming PC. The one thing I hated was the huge anxiety I felt when I had less than 300~ skycredits left. Option B would be way worth the money. Getting $20 a month isn’t that hard, as people are probably paying at least $10 a month for xbox live and whatnot. Unlimited access will drawn in more customers. As long as it will stay stable, that is. Option B is the way to go.


IIRC there was a max timeout of 60min for unlimited plan last time, but that didn’t stop the abuse.


Our platform has come a long way since that time. Between the QoS system we are building and other ideas that would be implemented, we are confident we will have fixed those issues.


Very nice… Thank you. Now I only have to wait for the unlimited plan. I hope it will be implemented soon so I can start playing huge games like hitman…

I have got only one last question:

What is the founder club? And the vip gamer club? What advantages does each one gives us, if the plan is unlimited time? Thank you!


Voted for option A. A lack of PAYG package would mean you lose all the people that don’t game enough for a subscription to be worth it (or a game pc for that matter, which I think is a great selling point for LS)

I’m a bit worried about the increased usage of credits with Beginner plan though. Yes you get twice the credits but what about the credits I have now… will they be doubled to offset as well?

Anyway, not too much worries for now (or will this be a short term change?) We’ll see what happens.


Sorry for kidding, but …

… based on the experience, an announcement of a soon™ implementation should leave us months :joy:.

Take a look at the KB and the first post:


I think for me or for others it would be impossible to pay for many credits monthly if i use the service few hours per month so a PAYG is needed.


That’s all still being worked on. We aren’t ready to share yet :wink: .


I voted for plan B. As long as the issues are fixed (drivers out of date) I’m happy to pay $20-30 a month without having to worry about my credits run out.


My two cents. After paying for a monthly plan, if I were to have a stockpile of credits, with an unlimited plan that my previously infested credits would transfer into a “cash” credit on my account for an unlimited plan.


Hey Morgan, when you say that our current plans will be grandfathered does that include rolling over skycredits for just us as well?


Hey this might be able to answer you Question:

I asked this:

thanks for the reply. Would that also count for PAYG packages? As they are not monthly are they still grandfathered down as long as you don’t book any other monthly plan?

Morgan answered this:




Thanks for the help Anon, but I wasn´t properly clear, i meant if those of us that decide to keep our current plan will be able to still have credits roll over or is that feature being taken out even for grandfathered plans.


Chill dude, and please keep it civil and constructive on the forum - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face::beers:
If @muditjohari45 has concerns about the pricing, he’s free to voice these concerns. If LS decide to increase prices, there’s not much to be done about it, but they need all the feedback they can get to take the best decision possible.


Well, i think i need to work hard again lol
B is my choose


For the sake of this example, let’s pretend option A is selected. Any/all SkyCredits you have accumulated from when you opened your account until the change happens, you would still keep. We won’t take those away. Any SkyCredits received after the change will not roll over. The “new” SkyCredits would always be used first. Your “old” SkyCredits wouldn’t be touched until you’ve run out of the “new” SkyCredits.


Will the “old” skycredits be consumed at the same rate as they currently are once the pricing model is changed?


It would depend if you were a PAYG or monthly subscriber. Non-subscribers would be using SkyCredits at the increased rate.

EDIT: I will confirm this, but that’s my understanding.


I want to say that i really like that you guys considered offering the “unlimited plan”. because it’s actually the only missing feature to keep me using this service. Prices are good if the service will manage stuttiring and high delays to keep the experience very smooth. I really wish it becomes reality. Can’t wait.