Help Us Decide New Pricing


I choose the best option for me and i gonna change mi current plan to a bigger plan if this new sistem become true.


I’d like unlimited plan 4 more
But, 20$ per month 4 only a GAMER plan is too dear :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t know what people are complaining about tbh, plan b would be the best, I had to pay $40 for 10.500 sky credits then had to pay $8 for 1500 ore sky credits and unlimited plan for just $30 is perfect since I only use Pro [gamer sucks and lags every game] so yeah for me its better to pay $30/month for Unlimited Pro Plan than paying like $50 for 100 hours of gaming.


Add Pro plan to the 20$ Unlimited plan like using pro plan at specific timings with 200gb storage.
Cos many games like Watch dogs 2 and Call of duty needs 4 core CPU to launch.


I like the unlimited plans but the pay as you go option should stay around. Why not do both? Keep the pay as you go option and then make the monthly plans unlimited.


We’re loving the feedback. Keep it coming!


When will the new Pricing will be launched? When do you will upgrade your Hardware?


Option B is much better than Option A . If option B is implemented i would buy Pro package straight away . Any idea when you guys are planning on implementing this ?


They are collecting feedback, the decision about the new pricing is not made yet, so it won’t be soon.

soon™, it’s in internal testing


What @Thorsten6 said! No timeline for these options, we’re just gauging interest.

Hardware - we’ll have more news, but the P100s didn’t provide any additional performance. The only way we would have seen performance increase over the current M60 was if we were streaming in 4K (which we aren’t). While testing the P100s, we discovered a number of major bugs revolving around our streamer which is in testing right now. You guys have been super patient in regards to this which is appreciated. I’ve been testing every day and providing feedback to the devs so that what is released is ready for you guys.


Thanks for the response, but I meant if the grandfathered plans will still be able to have credits roll over like we do now or is that feature gone even for those plans?I hope it´s more clear now


At a glance, it looks like you’re a monthly subscriber. New SkyCredits would not rollover, but your old ones purchased/earned prior to the change would.


ok that clears it, thank you!


Leave things well enough alone. The service is not cheap, but still compares favorably to buying a gaming PC every couple of years. As much as I like the idea of having unlimited time, I shudder at the thought of the crypto miners that will abuse this. Goodbye any performance that you had. The prices in A just suck for heavier users and you have not disclosed the add-on packs.


I think they’re working on more strict resource allocation, so people won’t be able to take away resources from other users so easily. Add the captcha check Jason mentioned, and there won’t be any abuse for crypto mining. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for the B option to be implemented! The unlimited plan will be my dream! I’m checking the liquidsky shop everyday LOL


It’s simple:
Casual Gamer = PAYG (A)
Hardcore Gamer = Unlimited (B)

In my case like I mentioned before, I play just a few hours per week, so the option B is a no-no…

The best method for all would be both options available, tbh I don’t see any problems of having both at the same time since most of the actual problems like peak time lag and stuttering will be solved with the new hardware/software.

  • Gamer_X could be using a PAYG plan with Skycredits system (Gamer/Pro);
  • Gamer_Z could be using an unlimited plan without Skycredits system (Gamer/Pro).

And then VIP/Founder add-on that gives more features to the active plan, whether it is PAYG or Unlimited.

It’s not that complicated and by doing that LS could have both Casual and Hardcore gamers using the service = profit, win-win. :wink:


You just said the best thing they could do!


I just really like the idea of pay as you go. It fits my lifestyle.

Sometimes I have lots of time to game, and sometimes I have very limited time if any.

Paying monthly for access would make me feel like I am wasting my subscription if I am not using it as much as possible.


I voted for Option A, but I think PAYG + Option B will be the best for every type of gamer. It looks like competitors are all towards monthly plans only, and that’s where I see value in LS: it is great for casual players like me. I could play 30 hours one month, just an evening another months, and maybe nothing for the entire summer…

If LS will go with Option B, I’m afraid casual gamers will be completely out of the entire market :frowning:

Instead, if LS will offer PAYG alongside monthly plans, it may be the only market for casuals.