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Totally agree with you, @joeSeggiola. I’d also suggest greater PAYG value packages.


I still say stick with current plans even if you guys could manage B eventually. The moderator that reply to me had a point about you guys working on things, but until you get it 100%, the current plans just makes sense because they will allow you to track and allocate resources according to the credits that people buy. After the new GPU roll out and all of that you might consider doing option B as an alternative, while leaving the current plans in existence because I think the current plans provide a better value proposition than option A.


Сразу видно, что рассценки не подогнаны к СНГ стандарту. А люди играют из этих стран. По крайней мере,можно придумать расценки для СНГ,но,это всего лишь мечта и раздумки.
P.S В принципе о чем может идти речь,если нет даже серверов в странах СНГ!

P.P.S:Few who can afford to pay such money a month (This is me as always for the CIS). I will not ask a question about the type “And whether there will be data centers in the CIS” or “If there are, then when.” Because I still will not see an answer to them, no one will answer such questions (Moderators, or even more developers). You are going in the right direction. No Russian ******* and nearby stood with your LiquidSky. Good luck in your further development.


Please post in English, so everyone can understand it right away. Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Google Translate does a very good job:
"It is immediately evident that the estimates are not adjusted to the CIS standard. And people play from these countries. At least, you can come up with pricing for the CIS, but, it’s just a dream and meditation.
P.S In principle, what can we talk about, if there are not even servers in the CIS countries!"


Keep in mind that certain factors are simply out of LS’ hands. IBM hosts the datacenters, and if you look at this map over here:

There are no datacenter locations for the CIS. Not that LS doesn’t want to have a datacenter there, but there could be other factors unbeknownst to us as consumers. Keep that in mind. Business and coding are both tricky things that take a LOT more than what can be seen for end-users (Laws and regulations). Same applies to pricing- VAT and other costs are not within LS’ hands, and changing pricing causes weird issues as with providers like Steam (which region-lock in light of currency differences).


i will pay $20/m if you bring back south america data servers(they exist) because $20/m for 300ms of latency in dallas is no worth any price


Keep in mind I’m not staff- just a regular user who keeps these places clean.

Datacenter expansions will happen in the future- even when Sao Palo was closed the devs never said it wouldn’t reopen. Again once the current clients of PC and Android are as polished as possible datacenter expansions will follow.


Unlimited Plans would be really great. Since long I wanted to buy myself a good PC however the money was never enough but that will change for me in the near future when I get a better job. The anual price seems fine. It´s 900 in 3 years. So yea sure I could get myself a nice PC with that already but to be honest with using this instead I don´t need to worry about maintaining or parts breaking down and also not about upgrading my pc so that it keeps up with new games coming out. Sure it could be a concern that unlimited hours would lead to performance issues because of everyone using it but to be honest everbody who has a job and is using this is not going to play 24/7 anyway. So I´m not really worried about that. Only thing that could be problematic is people afking for ages while logged into their skycomputer claiming resources but not using them because it doesn´t burn their credits anymore. But I´m sure there is good way to get around that. Anyway if you introduce unlimited hours I`ll grab it right away.


There’s a fine line between feedback and bashing. Cursing to try and get your point across is not helpful. I’d suggest you either format your message better, or not say anything at all.


Isn’t that effectively changing grandfathered plans? I currently pay $9.99 for 2400 credits per month, and those credits rollover. After the change, $9.99 would no longer buy me credits that rollover.

Rollover is important to me. I often go long periods (months) without playing. I’m happy paying $9.99/mo to maintain my grandfathered plan with rollover credits. But after this change, my “grandfathered” plan will behave differently, and many credits will go to waste.

I realize I’m probably in the minority, and you must cater to the majority. But I’d like to think there are enough users like me that we should be considered. If you intend to grandfather our plans, then please truly grandfather them in full.


I am in the exact same boat as you. I too go for long breaks for months and this rollover is a boon to us. I strongly agree with you.


I am in a similar situation. I think LiquidSky should have a mix of options that would suit both categories.


This may be way off topic, but I bought Far Cry 5 recently, and the Gamer plan simply can’t handle it on my big screen. So, I go with Pro - it’s totally flawless. For me, an “Intermediate” plan would be great.

For 1,5 credits a minute, I think that computer (server, whatever) would be able to handle most games like a champ. That’s probably not a go-to business move for LS (I have no idea about business in general), but as a mi-range tier, I think it would fit perfectly.


I like option B.Simple.Because it’s unlimited hours of gameplay.


Any option with a payg same integration will be all right for casual user.


I’d LIKE an unlimited option BUT I have a full time job, and a family to care about, thus not so much time for gaming, so I NEED a PAYG (or elseway cheap) option for me to be viable.

Moreover, I’d like if the specs of the hardware would not be tied to the subscription plan. I have not so much time, but I like to game on high settings, and I would like to pay more for that (I mean, double speed burning of credits was ok, but I want to be able to do this also if I have few of them).


Even with your moderators input who has been very helpful to me in the past, I say you still deal with the login issues that you guys get at peak times before deciding to offer unlimited. I don’t want to be locked out of my sky PC completely. Plan A is just ridiculous and I wouldn’t even consider telling you guys to do that one.


Can’t wait!!! Lol I must say it again because I’m impatient: Please make everything soon!! Thank you!


hey, friends looking for new pricing then u enter in perfect time, I have an idea about the liquidsky staff here are some-
$12-u got 1800 sky credits pay-as-go
and for free to as well
if someone abuse staff can reduce 1000 skycredit from her account.then everyone fear

everyone thinks before abusing
that all my plan
if u like this plz tell to liquidsky staff

if u really like this please vote ur vote make him think please vote


Please get the Elite hardware package active ASAP.

The current platform can’t even run the 2013 Tomb Raider on max. It’s unplayable with a controller without making compromises.

Apparently this means nothing at all:

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — GDC 3/1/2017

​Today, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) announced that its upcoming Vega architecture-based GPUs have been selected to power LiquidSky, enabling gamers around the world to enjoy the extraordinary power of Vega from anywhere.

1 year later and absolutely nothing to show for it? Cmon…