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What are you talking about? I played that on max settings getting constant 60fps on gamer plan.


I told you already that raging here on the forum won’t get you anywhere. Please keep a civil tone, and if you need assistance, just ask for help. Plain LiquidSky bashing without any real information (your device, os version, network speed, steps you tried to solve the issue, etc) will not be tolerated here. Thank you very much.

Regarding the gpu upgrade: this has been discussed already, there are good reasons why it hasn’t happened yet.


I’ll give it another go but that wasn’t the case 4-5 months ago. No noticeable changes. Happy to hear if that’s the case.

@Xelasarg I understand you think this is just raging but there has been zero accountability for their year-old announcement. I think it’s pretty reasonable to expect something a year out from a key announcement.

Instead what I see is this… Again… Another waste of time pricing restructure that will once again probably hurt users all the while Liquidsky has brought nothing new to the table. 2.0 took away more than it brought.

Where is the discussion for why it hasn’t happened yet? We were promised Vega which can presumably only mean the Instincts line:

I’m pretty sure if I got one myself, I’d be able to blow current liquidsky performance out of the water. And yes those cards aren’t necessarily available yet but making a promise a year ago and then providing no updates is a sly way of pretending the promise was never made. From the sounds of your comment on another thread, this deal may have been abandoned - hence my inflated concern.

This too:

We want everyone to have the enthusiast-class Vega experience whether they’re playing on a Radeon RX Vega PC they’ve built, or using any number of other devices like an iPhone, Android, ultrathin notebook like the MacBook Pro — even a Linux machine. That’s why our partnership with LiquidSky is so important.

LiquidSky has chosen Vega to power their service because it’s a perfect fit for the workload. Vega has an industry-first hardware feature we’re incredibly proud of called Radeon Virtualized Encoder, which is perfect for cloud-based gaming. In fact, onstage at Capsaicin, LiquidSky demonstrated Battlefield 1 running with beautiful quality settings and low latency from a Vega-based machine in the cloud to a Microsoft Surface Pro.

LiquidSky has many promising features that set it apart from similar services, and we’ll be joining their existing 1.4 million beta users soon to give you a hands-on report.

“LiquidSky aims to use the AMD Vega GPUs in order to effectively share the resources of one GPU with multiple virtual machines by using AMD’s Radeon Virtual Encode, which is a unique feature of the Vega GPU.” – Slobodan Simic, Fudzilla


The truth of the matter is that while we planned on moving over to this architecture, we weren’t going to be provided with the necessary tools from our vendor in order to make it work. With the size of the team, it would have taken rewriting a vast majority of our back end which we just didn’t have the resources to do. This being left in the air really amounted to a lack of communication which I apologize for.

While the P100s were a bust, we aren’t completely done thinking about a hardware upgrade. Never know what the future holds!

When is the upgrade happening?

Is the new streamer still coming?


Yeeeeep! The announcements and all the patch notes are all finished and ready to go for when the devs push it. It will go live on both Android and Windows.


Eilte plan if it gonna happen. I suggest that you should offer dedicated gpu with one person per card not shared anymore. something like quadro. or even better If you gonna upgrade pro plan to use quadro and gamer plan use shared tesla gpu.


I really wish that this was possible. A dedicated GPU is not feasible purely based on cost. Aside from the rebuilt Streamer, we have a number of things we’re looking into to continue improving performance.


Been around since LS 1 beta, was a subscriber and loved it. LS 2 was a big mess imo and due to the lack of being able to use the service (due to constant timeouts and bugs) I stopped subscribing and then went PAYG.

Now you are saying I am gonna have my credits honoured but they will burn up twice as fast? That’s not what I paid for though, and you have switched this whole pricing thing on a lot of us twice.

I am fully expecting once you all go and get unlimited they will start capping it because people are taking advantage of it then slowly phase it out for some other pricing paradigm.

I appreciate you are a business and need to make money, but if I pay for something and then you switch the offering to something lesser (twice now) it’s very difficult to be positive about it.


Yeah, I agree that cost will be a problem. But you always can extra charge for it. I heard previous elite plan performance didn’t perform much better than pro plan. Even It have double resources from pro plan.

All I’m saying is we should have super high performance one plan (Eilte plan) for gamer able to push every settings on ultra and Developer/Professional able to do 3D graphic like blender etc.( with cuda enable). But current gpu and tesla gpu nature didn’t fully support for do these thing properly. So professional-grade gpu ( Quadro) would be excellent pick for gaming and developing.


Definitely. While we wouldn’t be able to offer a dedicated GPU, we wouldn’t release Elite without it actually working unlike last time. :wink:


Do you have any guess on when that update should be released.


If you mean Elite, that’s still just an idea. There is no plan, but wanted to see if there was interest in the community. If there’s enough interest, we can make a solid argument to bring it back!


I was talking about the new streamer not the elite plan.


Do you have any idea on when the NEW PRICE SYSTEM will be implemented? I’m impatient of the unlimited plan!


Option B :ok_hand: :star_struck:


It will be ready when its ready.


As it’s been said oftentimes on this forum, Soon™

Sadly not much more can be said of it but it is close.


Just re-tested Tomb Raider 2013 on max and I get 30fps average.

I’m not sure how you managed to get 60fps without turning down a lot of the settings.


Option B Option B