Here's The Thing.... (Review)



                            "Your Games, Your Way"

It is very helpful to have Steam, and Origin Pre-Installed for the “Desktop” Mode, If you choose to launch “Steam” Mode Your basically using a “Steam Console”.

                            "Ultra Low Latency"

After playing for a(n) Half an hour to an hour you may experience issues with the CPU or Latency.

                            "Global Data Centers"

I am currently located on the East Coast of the United States and My SkyComputer’s Data Center is located in Washington DC. This happens to be a few states away. (May not be the same for you)

                            "Performance Hardware"

CPU: After using your SkyComputer for a while you may Experience your game slowing down and glitching, This usually happened to me for 5-10 minuets every hour or so.
GPU (Graphics Card): There was nothing wrong with the GPU as far as I know. If your game starts to Pixelated press the LiquidSky icon located at the top left of your Screen Press Record and then press Stop Recording. I found this fixes this problem.

                            "Lighting Internet Speed"

LiquidSky Claim that there download speed is 10gb/s for downloading but after testing this with Very big games such as “Grand Theft Auto 5”, “Ark Survival: Evolved”, and “Rust” the Download speed is only about 100mb/s (This is still a good WI-FI speed.).

                            "Sky Storage"

As of right now I have not Experienced any issues with the Sky Storage

                            "Overall Recommendation"

In My Opinion LiquidSky has a great concept, But I would not recommend using LiquidSky for Alternative Gaming, The only time I would recommend you to use Liquid Sky is if your Computer is Damaged, Being Shipped to you, or Being Repaired.

Yours Truly: MuffinManEJ



Ummmm LS only claims 1gb/sec download speed and they actually deliver on that. Your best bet is on off-peak time, make sure your Steam client is set to the closest download server to your data center. There is one in Washington DC and mine was not set to that by default. It was set to the Netherlands, for some odd reason. During peak, I get around 400-500 mbit. Probably just Steam being busy. GoG can’t come close to using the full line. I get about 300 mbit off them, on average.


I didn’t use steam to test the download speeds, its not 1gb/s.


Are you mixing bits and bytes? Transfer speeds, like in Steam, are shown in bytes. Internet speed packages are done in bits. 1 bytes=8 bits. Thus 128 Megabytes*8=1024 megabits or 1 gigabit. I have actually slightly exceeded that 128MB/sec transfer rate a few times. I would actually say they might be splitting 10GigE ports for the connections to the VMs. Of course, usually only big companies have servers to support that kind of transfer rate because not only is the capacity needed but it needs to be close enough.


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