Heroes of the storm unplayable


The game went from bad to unplayable. need optimization guide or a fix


It’s free, isn’t it? Let me check…


Ok, just tried. I’m gettind around 40 fps, high settings (installation default) on Gamer plan.
That was in the tutorial though, so not much going on.

What exactly is happening for you? Low fps (according to Fraps, not an estimate)? Or stream stuttering?

And maybe you could provide some additional information on your specs, like internet speed (ping/dl/ul according to speedtest.net), and your device (cpu, gpu, os version)?


medium settings 5 fps during teamfights. and no, its not my connection. embarassing.

EDIT: it was super playable 2 weeks ago. seems like u changed smthn.


Might be due to peak- when did you connect to your datacenter?


I been finding that LiquidSky has much worse frame pacing issues than actual performance issues. I have been experimenting and have made significant headway over the last couple of days. I am just waiting to report my method until I do more testing. But so far I can even stream to Twitch on gamer plan with certain games. For a while that was only working for potato level games and not when broadcasting. I actually managed The Witcher 3 on medium settings with xsplit. Ultra on pro plan.


quick heads up: idk what you did, but the last update fixed things. thanks for that.

any hints when we can excpect the unlimited plan?


Improved streamer performance. The SkyPC itself was probably running fine all the time. :slightly_smiling_face:
Glad it’s working now for you! :+1:

Regarding the pricing: no hard facts on that yet. The team are cooking something, and there’ll be an official announcement once they’re ready.


Lmao, speak of the devil… :sweat_smile: