High Loss% As Soon As Launch


So As The Title Says I Have An Issue With Liquidsky where my loss% is very high and for no reason. Tried it for a few hours during non-peak hours and same thing.
This is a screen shot of it during a game of fortnite

As you can see it is also really blurry aside from the massive block of loss in the middle.
This is my speedtest while running the game

Data Center : Hong Kong
Was Working Fine for a long time issue started about 3 days ago.

Also the loss goes upwards of 20% during peak hours.


Mh, your connection is certainly more than good enough. Are you on wifi or ethernet?
Also, I had an issue with my old ISP, when they changed the routing to my data center (London). All of a sudden, I was being redirected to London via Amsterdam and Milan, across 13 or 14 hops, which of course led to massive image quality issues. I ended up changing ISP, and immediately, things were fine again.

You can run a traceroute to see the status of your connection: About the quality slider

Should you decide to post the results here, make sure you blur out your IP addresses (local and SkyPC)!