Hong Kong High Ping Issue [SOLVED]


As always the high ping issue on the Hong Kong server is back.My normal ping to the server was 80 ms,now its about 256 ms.I have checked my local ping,its normal.Please fix this issue ASAP.


Hm, looks alright to me. I mean, I always have like 300 ms to HK, but at least it hasn’t jumped up to 500 ms now. :thinking: I’ll pass it on to staff, maybe a dev can tell what’s happening.


Yes there is an issue, it started today.Yesterday I played with 80 ms now it’s 256 ms.


I’ve passed it on. Might take a bit though, these things always happen when staff are out of the office. :man_shrugging:


No change till now.Tried even on Android app.Same ping.


Uh, that’s bad. Can you run a traceroute to your data center, to see if there’s something unusual happening on the way?


I don’t think it’s my problem,I tried it with different connections.The results are same.


Hopefully not something with your SkyPC. I’m still getting the normal 280-300ms as usual. I’ll see if I can get some feedback for you.

Edit: you should also file a support ticket if you haven’t done so already.


Hm, according to support, there’s no server issue. It is possible that different ISPs share part of their network architecture, so I’d still suggest the traceroute. Just to rule out a (temporary?) glitch in the connection.


Looks fine on my end, been the same for the past few days.


Still not changed.Here is my Speed test result.
My local Ping is only 9 ms.


I’m a bit confused, are you on Wifi or data while playing LS and speed testing? (judging by the notifications above)


I am on Wifi and using Ethernet on PC,anyway the result is same.A connection with 50Mbps Speed.
I am not a new user and I had experienced this issue several issues earlyer.Many of the users had reported it.I have attached a screenshot of a speed test to a Hong Kong server.Check it out ,It’s between 80-90 ms which was the same I was getting on Liquidsky.So it proves that it’s not my problem.


And a doubt.When did you took that screenshot ? Because from a few weeks onwards the client is showing that the Hong Kong server is down (Red arrow facing downwards)Here is a screenshot.So i don’t thinks its a new status pic.Correct me if am wrong.


That arrow, whatever it does, doesn’t show server status. More likely it’s displaying some sort of network condition/connection status (not sure though). Anyway, even when it’s red, and pointing down, you can connect and use the server, so that’s not the reason.
Still weird you’re getting this, because noone else is reporting it right now. Usually when there were server issues, more people are affected. Have you run the traceroute already? Easiest way is to get your SkyPC’s IP address, then do tracert in Windows (local PC), or even easier, download Traceroute for Android (free on the Playstore), and enter the IP address.

Important, should you decide to post results: blur out your own and your SkyPC’s IP address, you never know. :wink:


Is this normal ?

My Ping while on Liquidsky.


Thanks. I’ve blurred out the IP addresses in the image. :slightly_smiling_face: Is the IP you’re testing the one from your SkyPC? Because it doesn’t seem to arrive there alter on. You know, the 137.97 one, while the last one pinged is a 218.100 one. :thinking:

There are only a couple of hops though, which is good. I’m not an expert on this, so I’ll pass it on, just to make sure.


The IP I am Tracerouting is of the SkyPC.
The ping is the only problem.I can play games at the maximum(26Mbps slider and 60 fps)Without any issues.Only problem is with the input delay due to high ping.


Seems there is a hop that is timing out from your router going to the destination IP. Have you already tried rebooting your modem or have you checked with your ISP?


Same here i got 80ms last week now it is 250ms