Host a local server?


Just a feature suggestion. Would be great to be able to host a server. I have a gaming clan with a large proportion of my clan members in western australia, where liquidsky does not have a presence. I appreciate that liquidsky needs to expand carefully and might not be able to cover WA right now, our clan has private funds raised through fundraising and can afford to fund a few servers. Would be great to be able to set new clan members up on liquidsky via a private server that we fund locally in wa.


liquidsky is a hosting company so i doubt they will let you use there software on your own servers. you can host something like liquidsky on AWS or softlayer by using citrix receiver and xenserver.


The thing that LiquidSky has done is to work on the low level access to the hardware to improve latency. I've tried setting up a game server with AWS and the latency was much worse. Also LiquidSky is much cheaper than comparable AWS hardware.


Oh ok, when i read a review on the company it said they rented their servers from ibm. Anyway just a thought since theres only one server in australia and its not in a great spot for queensland or wa players