How can i get refund?


how can I get refund,i cant acces my account,at least let me get my refund

How to refund my money

try messaging support. some people say they don't give one but I got one.


Sales are final. Many other people asked this already.


Well I got one. So....Worth a shot.


well I closed my PayPal account,i want refund because I always get http error:401


i want refund from,it useless and i not able to use it although my speed 100mb


You can try support here:

For future reference please refrain from replying to threads older than about a week. In this case this thread is very old, and I would say it’s a bit better if you were to start a new thread; if possible I’d like to try and help you with your experience (though if you do not want to I understnad).