How did liquidsky get so expensive?


I rememberd the time when liquidsky 1.0 and the prices where much cheaper.

I found with every update liquidsky gets a bit worse. (my opinion)


Note: The reason why there’s a bit between moving this thread and this reply is because I was reviewing the 2nd AMA with Ian (the LS CEO) for some information clarification.

This is a bit of a tricky topic (also had to move this post to the proper category- as generally topics of this nature go here), but I can see where you’re coming from and I’d like to address it with what I know (both as a mod and a user).

So- it’s a mixed bag of sorts when it comes to things. Yes, performance has degraded a bit even since the 2.0 launch days (I can only speak from then as that was when I had joined on as a former ad-supported user- and keep in mind depending upon when you login a server you may be subject to peak difficulties [you don’t get the same server node everytime, and you might have the unfortunate luck of joining on a server where someone decides to mine cryptocurrency {not that it should happen, but it can even with staff having a QoS which should help with these things}]), but staff aren’t exactly idle and sitting on the cash that they rake in from subscriptions (can’t exactly say why things increase- but there is a lot that goes into running services like these- hard to find a balance between value and performance [keep in mind this is speculation- there’s not really an official on the record reason as to why prices increased but I would wager it is something to this effect]). That being said, there have been some improvements for this service in terms of the new streamer (built from the ground up with full stats for the stream), storage and some other few major updates which have improved some things. Though of course, staff are far from being done- Morgan is pushing internally a new driver which should help with some things.

Things take time before they are translated from idea to actual updates (there was a planned GPU upgrade to a Nvidia Tesla P100, but due to underwhelming performance during testing [we mods were in on the testing as well- best case scenario you did see an improvement, BUT that was only on an empty server in my experience {staff found it didn’t perform much better than the M60 had right now- only at 4K (though staff weren’t looking to implement 4K then)}]). Staff are always working on things, just that it takes time before anything comes of it (currently they are working on Enterprise projects for some clients, but are also testing new hardware that should trickle down here if all goes well [see above for why the P100 upgrade wasn’t a thing]).