How do i buy the subscription?


I dont see the option. just pending.


I am gonna guess that the NDA testers are the only ones who can get it right now. Sorry.


I rarely post on the forums, but I believe you have a misunderstanding. In order to be an alpha tester, you must already be a beta tester. If you went to the signup page during the time frame (like I did), it asks you for your LS forum name and etc. It also makes no sense for LS to ask people to be alpha testers if they have not even tested beta.


I do not think alpha testing has been released yet either, but it will most likely come out either for existing beta testers or come out with the official launch of LS (alpha testing may be for a DIFFERENT feature).


As of the 6th of January this month Liquidsky closed subscriptions to its service until its release out of beta in February or March.

Alpha testing hasn't been started and Liquidsky will actually still be giving more chances out for those who are subscribed to opt in for Alpha testing the new client before its coming release and I signed up when it was first announced so I'm really hoping to try it out! 8g vram though never played with a computer with that type of gpu going to be fun.


I don't understand because on the website it still says I can do it. It just doesn't have an optoon


I'm interested as well, in the FAQ they say:

However, if you don’t want to wait until you are accepted into the beta you can subscribe to a plan and gain instant access but you will skip your free trial. Please have in mind that we do not offer refunds so we are not going to be able to reinburse you if your network is not good enough to use LiquidSky.

But I can't find an option to buy the monthly plan...


Liquidsky is closed unless you go into the draw in the current competition to win 1 of 500 Beta keys and get access to the current and Older Liquidsky until March 1-7 which is when the new version of Liquidsky will be released.


Thank you for your reply. They should update the FAQ then...

Also, it looks super weird I have to be lucky enough to be able to PAY for a service :sweat_smile:


While hope to be selected to pay for a service is a bit odd, I agree, I'm still hoping to be selected. Who do I give money too?? LOL


Not really when you know how Liquidsky works and how many are trying to get access and are willing to pay for a subscription


Considering that you can get an almost identical experience with AWS I don't see the exclusivity of this service.


Really? AWS. So you are using this now?


I used it for a month but now I'm not playing on PC anymore because the games I play are on PS4.